It’s not necessary to spend years to learn something new. Sometimes you can spend 10 minutes on learning some new information and it’ll influence your life:

1/Can’t find a shop assistant in a supermarket? Stand in front of the most expensive television, computer or other thing and look at the price. Somebody will come to you immediately.

A dinner should consist of protein and vegetables. Vegetables should be twice more than protein. Protein should be light: fish, seafood, curds, white cheese (mozzarella or circassian cheese), eggs, haricot, lentil, mushrooms.

As for vegetables, cauliflower, green salad, Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes, broccoli, celery, pumpkin, leek, avocado, sunroot will be suitable.


Really luxurious elegant and stylish women are not overwomen, they are just well-prepared. If you don't see them walking in blouses with coffee spots on them or with a ladder in their tights and suffering from the uncomfortable shoes, it doesn't mean they don't face with it. They just know how to cope with such situations.

Drink dried fruit uzvar, that is kompot without sugar, 20-30 minutes before the meal time.

But dried fruit are sweet!

I want to tell you about a tremendous face mask recipe, that is used in best spas of Thailand. You can easily make it at home using only home ingredients. The recipe is so simple that I didn’t expect so tremendous result. It is suitable for every type of skin and for every age (it was checked by myself and by all my friends). It'll perfectly prepare your skin for make up.

Mustard is used for treatment various diseases in folk medicine for a long time. Remember, how our mothers filled our socks with mustard when we caught a cold. Here are some simple recipes of folk medicine containing mustard.

So, the main rules of applying a foundation are as follows:

Apply makeup only during the daylight. In case it is applied under the candlelight, check the result in a daylight.

100 полезных советов на все случаи жизни

1. The hand skin darkens from peeling potatoes. To avoid this, you should moisten your hands with vinegar beforehand and let them dry. After the work, wash them with soap and moisturize. 

2. You can wash all the glass crockery and vases one can clean without any special tools. Add some vinegar or coarse salt to the warm water. The crockery will be cleaner and more transparent. 

3. Aluminium pans will shine again if you boil them together potato, apple and rhubarb peelings or vinegar solution. 

Specialists claim that such physiological factors as aging changes, overloaded nervous system, lack of vitamins, premenstrual syndrome and other negative factors influence a woman’s mood and health. Herbs for female health solve these problems for a long time.

Child psychologists advise to avoid some phrases not to injure a kid no matter how old he is, he already understand everything, even your intonation.

1) You don't cope with it - let me do!

Psychologists claim that this phrase injures a kid and programme to a failure beforehand. He feels himself silly and clumsy and is afraid to show his worth expecting his mother to shout.

This miraculous moisturezer will make your face skin beautiful and soft, will help to reduce the wrinkles and tone up the skin. This moisturizer is indispensable for those who want to remain beatiful and desired for a long time. The unique combination of natural ingredients will give you beauty and young face!

Preparation and application of the miraculous moisturizer.

Stony Brook researchers in their study state that sleeping in lateral position is most healthy. In such a position brain cleans itself from toxins in the most efficient way. That in turn helps to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and also a number of other neurologic diseases.

 7 правил воспитания

Jewish parents' love to their children is endless. No other nation has such cult of children like Jewish people have. Psychologists can say about bothe advantages and disadvantages of such treatment, but Jewish children undoubtedly have enough love and care of their parents. 

It calms your gastrointestinal tract, removes the excess water from the body, boosts metabolism and so on. It also helps those who try to lose weight to determine, whether they reach their aim within a day or not.


You'll need an exercise mat and comfortable sportswear to perform the following exercises:

Exercise 1. 

Spread out the mat. Your start position is lying on your left side, left elbow to the floor right hand is on your belt. Make ten high raises with your right leg then switch sides and make the  same with your left leg.

Chicken and potato pie is a rich dish for the whole family that is quite easy to cook.


0.5kg potatoes

0.5kg skinless, boneless chicken breasts

200g mayonnaise

2 tbs olive oil

200g sour cream

100g hard cheese

1 bunch of dill

1 egg

1 tbs spices for potatoes

Salt and black pepper to taste.  

1. Stylish shoes can be double colored

Coco Chanel adored black and white combination so she created a well-known model of shoes – white lacquered sandals with black toe. She supposed such shoes make a woman look more sexy and her feet smaller visually.  Besides, she was sure, that such a model looks perfect even with a low heel, because it can be worn with any costume.

6 вещей, которые француженки никогда не делают со своими волосами

Beautiful and delicate French women were always the standard of beauty and style. We'll reveal you a couple of hair-secrets that will surprise you!


Keep in order not to lose!

 Buy capsules with vitamin E oil, put some drops and apply to your face skin, then make a gentle massage. Through half of an hour, apply white-egg and let it dry for 30 minutes. Then wash off with cold water. It helps to get rid of acne and cleanse the pores. Regular use of it will make your skin smooth and glowing.

1. Apple and cinnamon drink

Cut an apple into very small pieces and pour it with 500ml of hot water, add 1 tsp ground cinnamon. Leave to cool and then drink.

Combination of apples and ground cinnamon will improve your metabolism and cleanse your digestive tract.