Useful Kitchen Tips

100 полезных советов на все случаи жизни

1. The hand skin darkens from peeling potatoes. To avoid this, you should moisten your hands with vinegar beforehand and let them dry. After the work, wash them with soap and moisturize. 

2. You can wash all the glass crockery and vases one can clean without any special tools. Add some vinegar or coarse salt to the warm water. The crockery will be cleaner and more transparent. 

3. Aluminium pans will shine again if you boil them together potato, apple and rhubarb peelings or vinegar solution. 

4. Boil darkened enamel saucepans with any mixture for washing dishes and then wash out with hot water. If you boil them with vinegar solution twice a month, they won't darken. 

5. If something has slightly burnt in the saucepan, pour cold water to the saucepan's bottom and powder with salt. You will easily the food remnants in a couple of hours. 

6. You can clean pans like this: warm them a bit and rub with salt and then with the parchment (with the plain paper as a last resort).
7. To prevent flour from insects, put several unpeeled cloves of garlic to the place where you keep it. 

8. Sift the flour and put into another package once in a while. 

9. To make knives, scissors, etc. easy to sharpen, place them in a brine solution for 30 minutes and then sharpen without wiping. 

10. It's much more easier to clean a meat grinder if firstly you skip a raw potato through it.