14 Habits of Beautiful Women Habits


Really luxurious elegant and stylish women are not overwomen, they are just well-prepared. If you don't see them walking in blouses with coffee spots on them or with a ladder in their tights and suffering from the uncomfortable shoes, it doesn't mean they don't face with it. They just know how to cope with such situations.

They have to cope with difficulties every day. They have their own habits that make them elegant, self-confident and beautiful every day. It doesn't mean a huge wardrobe and unreal sums of money. The true style starts from the moment of your awakening. 


1. Plan what you'll put on tomorrow in the evening. 

2. Take your time to get ready. 

3. Choose the right underwear. 

4. Be inspired with other stylish women.

5. Dress suitably. 

6. Wear only those clothes that are of your size. 


7. Add one expensive detail to your image. 

8. Choose ideal accesories. 

9. Never lie in your bed in "good clothes". 

10. Put clothes together neatly and hang them.

11. Heels are not always chic.

12. Wash clothes regularly, don't put off everithing. 

13. Make "a stylish first-aid set" for yourself. 

14. Stay true to yourself.