3 Things French Women Never Do to Their Hair

6 вещей, которые француженки никогда не делают со своими волосами

Beautiful and delicate French women were always the standard of beauty and style. We'll reveal you a couple of hair-secrets that will surprise you!

French women never:
 Светлые пряди позволительны

1. They never brighten their hair. These women, as nobody else, value what nature has given them. If they dry their hair, they use only natural color. If they brighten, they do it only for the accent. 

Француженки не знаю, что такое фен

2. They never use hair dryers. And even advise to get rid of this harmful device. During summer they make with warm wind, during summer they use terry towels. 

Пучок – наше все!

3. They never wash their hair every day. French women consider it to be a harmful habit. In case their hair look really badly, they use a simple and approved method - they wear their hair in a bun. 

Яркая помада – единственное украшение, которое они признают