Body Posture During Sleep Affects the Process of Cleaning Toxins from the Brain

Stony Brook researchers in their study state that sleeping in lateral position is most healthy. In such a position brain cleans itself from toxins in the most efficient way. That in turn helps to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and also a number of other neurologic diseases.

Helene Benveniste, PhD in medicine researched brain and complicated glymphatic system that plays the most important role in effective cleaning the brain from toxins and waste. The result of the research was the conclusion - lateral position is best for clearing from toxins.

During night sleep glymphatic system works in full strength removing such substances as tau proteins and beta-amyloids that affect cerebration in a bad way.

Sleep in side position was declared by the scientists as the most effective, so the researchers made a conclusion that rest and cleanup of brain are influenced not only by quality and duration of sleep but also by  posture during the rest.