It's not necessary to stare at a woman, examining her make-up, lipstick, nose or mouth type to understand who is standing in front of you. Sometimes it's enough to inhale to feel her parfume. 

If you have persistent and severe cough, various cough tablets will help you. They are known since the earliest times, but people resort to them rarely. A tablet is absolutely harmless. It treats the diseases of the respiratory system effectively even of babies. There are several types of honey cough tablets. 



1 bell pepper

150 g cheese

400 g tinned mushrooms 

1 chicken breast 

salt and pepper to taste

sour cream for dressing. 

Одно упражнение, 4 минуты, 28 дней — и у вас совершенно новое тело!
The most important exercise to strengthen the middle part of your body is elbow stand. One of such exercises is called plank. Being an amateur, you can consider this exercise to be too easy and ignore it. 

Make it for your kids!


1 pear
1 tangerine
1 apple
1 banana
1 ice-cream 
2 sandy cookies
1 tbs sour cream
1 tbs sweetened condensed milk.

You'll get a wonderful result within a week! The skin gets renewed and becomes even. Blackheads and redness disapper. Pores get pure. 

You'll need:

1. two tablets of aspirin (not these fizzy puck-like tablets that we dissolve in a glass of water, but usual aspirin by Bayer Pharma company);

2. some honey;

3. several drops of water to granulate aspirin.

Every day millions of people use Google for searching for various information. But most of them use the lesser part of all the searching opportunities. We offer you 19 ways to search Google more effectively! 

1. how to find an exact phrase or a word-form:

Don't forget to save!


Thinks a lot.
Speaks a little.
Makes everything in a right way.


Thinks of many things.
Speaks earnestly.
Makes everything in a slipshod way.

3 самых счастливых знака зодиака


3. Aquarius 

This sign is in this list not by chance. The thing is that  people who were born under the sign of Aquarius, think of life light-heartedly, don't worry about difficulties and reach for the pleasure. Such people aren't attached to this or that place, don't worry about the dear person absence, because they always have a lot of friends that's why their cardiovascular and nervous systems are stronger than of any other zodiac sign. 

The American author Edward Griffin in his work “World without cancer” describes the truth about the medical properties of Vitamin B17 that is also called laetrile or amygdalin.

This substance kills cancer cells quickly enough.

A topical question of cleansing the body often leads to nonsence. Gallons of oil, lemon juice and remedies bring many people to hospitals. It’s worth paying attention to the simple foods that cleanse the body more than any remedy and unable to cause any harm to you.

So what are the products you should eat to clean your body?

Everybody knows that cold can not only cause diseases but also  make you healthy.

Due to the cold aging process slows down. The pores become narrow, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, wrinkles disappear. The shape of your face becomes better.

To get elastic, smooth and young looking skin try to use pieces of ice instead water when washing.

It was stated long ago, that a color influence a person. Various colors influnce in a different way psyche, health, mood and common attitude to life. If you pay attention to the color of clothes of a particular person, you can state his personality and habits. 

What can we say about a person whose favourite color in clothes is blue?

Girls, I’ve found a super method that will help to reduce the wrinkles around your eyes in home conditions. Without expensive procedures! You won’t believe how simple the recipe is! You’ll need just 2 or 3 ingredients that are always at hand at every hostess. The effect is super! So, write down the recipe:

Do you want to make the home masks for face lifting to return youthful appearance of your skin? Then look at some recipes of the quickest and effective masks of all times. Action time is about 20 minutes, wash off with warm water. 

With the help of easy gymnastics you can create miracles on your face: to remove wrincle from the forehead, to lift eyelids, to smooth nasolabial folds. Certainly it is difficult to change the situation drastically, but it is possible to improve your appearance.


5 tbs semolina 

4 tbs sugar

3 eggs

2 curds packages 

1 package of sour cream (200 g)

a pinch of salt

1/2 tsp baking powder

raisins to taste.

Look through this list from time to time:

1) Never watch TV. Never.

2) Don’t return to people who have betrayed you. They don’t change.

3) An interesting idea came to your mind? Write it down. One day it will be useful.

4) Are you late? Find a method to give a notice of that beforehand. It’s not so complicated.

девушка с большими глазами

Just follow these 10 tips and everyone will notice your transformation!

How to look younger

Reshape your eyebrows

To look younger, your eyebrows should be as natural as possible. If you go to a beauty salon, they will shape your eyebrows in several minutes and advise what eyebrow pencil color it's better to use. 

Exercise 1.

Make a deep breath with your belly puffing out it as far as you can. Count one-two-three-four-five. Relax and exhale all air through your mouth. Draw your belly in pulling it towards the stomach. Imagine that you want to hide it under your ribs. Hold your breath. Count one-two-three and inhale again. 
Make number of repetitions equal to your age. If you cannot make all repetitions at once you can complete them later during the day.
This exercise can be performed when standing and sitting insensibly for people around you. Believe that it removes perfectly well fat from the belly and also massages the abdominal organs.