Words That Wou Sholdn't Speak to Your Child

Child psychologists advise to avoid some phrases not to injure a kid no matter how old he is, he already understand everything, even your intonation.

1) You don't cope with it - let me do!

Psychologists claim that this phrase injures a kid and programme to a failure beforehand. He feels himself silly and clumsy and is afraid to show his worth expecting his mother to shout.

2) Take and quiet!


Some parents can't bear this many-houred "Please, give me this or that". But when a parent agrees to give this or that thing to his child it means for a kid, that he can achieve anything by whining and persuasions and "no" said by his mother means nothing. 


3) If I see something like this one more time, you'll get...!
According to the practice, there is nothing further threats. Neither father no mother is going to punish a child, but a kid would be frightened. Such a phrase will cause only child's offence and bewilderment. Don't frighten your baby. A child should know exactly, what he is supposed to expect in this or that case. Sudden breakdowns of parents won't lead to anything.

4) I said stop it immediately!
Don't say like that with your child. It's your child, all in all. In case you've lost your temper, it's better to apologize. A child is offended, feeling lack of rights. Instead of "stopping it", babies begin to cry and be capricious, teens go away and become unsociable. Finally, this phrase won't help to achieve the right result.