How to Shape Your Glutes in a Week

You'll need an exercise mat and comfortable sportswear to perform the following exercises:

Exercise 1. 

Spread out the mat. Your start position is lying on your left side, left elbow to the floor right hand is on your belt. Make ten high raises with your right leg then switch sides and make the  same with your left leg.

Exercise 2.

Lying on your back hands to the sides, lift both your legs up. Watch your toes to be pulled out. After that twist both your legs to the right and to the left. Try to 
hold your hands on the floor. When one leg will be on another lift them  up together.
Make ten repetitions.
Hint - performing any exercise smile and enjoy the process of your workout.

Exercise 3.

Stay lying on your back, bend your knees, feet steady on the floor. Supporting yourself with your hands slowli lift up your glutes. To maximize the effect of the exercise watch your back to be straight. Make ten repetitions too.

Exercise 4.

This exercise you can make anytime and everywhere. It is very simple - just contract your glutes hold it for several second then relax. Make as many as you can. Regularity is the key to success.

Exercise 5.

And now to the squats. Your back is straight, arms outstretched. First time make several squats but not too much, every next workout increase the number of repetitions.

These exercises are quite simple but require patience and concentration on each movement.Now you know how to shape your glutes in a week. Believe in yourself and follow your dream!