8 Tips to Make Your Life Easier

It’s not necessary to spend years to learn something new. Sometimes you can spend 10 minutes on learning some new information and it’ll influence your life:

1/Can’t find a shop assistant in a supermarket? Stand in front of the most expensive television, computer or other thing and look at the price. Somebody will come to you immediately.

If you’re speaking at the presentation, always have a bottle of water at hand. And if you forget what to say, just take a sip and nobody will notice your confusion.

If you suspect somebody is watching your car, turn 4 times in one direction. As a result, you’ll return to the starting point and if you still see that car, so you were right and someone is watching you.

Put a red cap on a blue pen. Nobody steals red pens!

If someone ever finds you doing something humiliating, just say you lose a bet.

In supermarkets, the most expensive and the cheapest goods are above and below the eyeshot.

Do you spend too much time on social networks? Use special extensions for the browsers.

Use 6 portions of water, 1 portion of corn syrup and 2 portions of liquid soap to make the soap bubbles that don’t burst!