for the pastry:

- 3 eggs

- 250 g sugar 

- 3 tbs cocoa 

- 3 tbs sour cream

- 250 g flour 

- 1 tbs baking powder. 


- 6 egg yolks

- 6 egg-whites

- 2 glasses of sugar

- 2 glasses of flour

- 1 tsp baking powder or soda 

For cream:

- 750 g sour cream

- 1 tbs sugar.

Делайте это раз в неделю — и ваше лицо будет выглядеть на 10 лет моложе

Japanese women have been taking the advantage of rice usage as cosmetics for many centuries. The centuries of their beauty is in a simple gift of nature. 

Rice is an amazing source of linoleic acid and squalene - a strong antioxidant that stimulates the collagen production. The last one slows the formation of wrinkles on the skin and protects it from the sun. 

Marlene Dietrich asserted that "A wrinkle in your face is better than in your stocking". It was easy for her to say like that because her skin kept fresh and practically ideal for a very long time. How did the hollywood star manage to save her skin from wrinkles?

The recipe is below. 


Save not to lose.

Simple and very useful asanas for beginners!

If you're a beginner, start from the simplest asanas and start the next level only when you succeed with the previous one perfectly. 

Balasana (Child's pose) - releases tension in the back, shoulders and chest; great for stress and anxiety; stimulates work of internal organs and stretches the spine, increasing its flexibility.

To boost your metabolism and to keep your health and weight loss stable, you should eat about 1200 kcal per day. We make up an approximate meal plan for you. 

1. Applying make-up on a dry peeling skin 

The first and the most significant is moistening and again moistening. Makeup on a dry skin will last for a little time. Moreover, it will intensify dryness and heterogeneity. 

Об этой гимнастике ходит легенда, что каждый, кто её делает уже через 5 минут способен творить чудеса, а если делает её регулярно, то молодеет
Energy Gymnastics — are several simple exercises that take only about 5 minutes to do. You can do them in your bed or standing. You shouldn't understimate them. 

Energy Gymnastics helps to get red of the energy rubbish and open the channels for getting new energy. This gymnastics allows to increase the emotional intellect coefficient. Many healers use it for recovering energy balance and improvement of all internal organs and systems. 

A foundation hides skin defects and emphasizes its advantages that's why it's considered to be the main decorative cosmetics. It's a background of make-up, that's why it should be applied according to certain rules. 

Step 1.

Apply the foundation on a clean skin. For this purpose use a cleansing milk or gel, then a tonic or a lotion. 

Those people who want to boost immunity, to normalize the digestive system activity and to get rid of  residues, should know about such a healthy recipy as honey water that is useful to drink on an empty stomach.

1. 6.00-7.00 in the morning - that's a period when our long term memory works and all the received information soaks easily.

2. 8.00-9.00 in the morning - our logical reasoning starts to work. It's the most suitable time for any activity, connected with memorization and analytics at the same time.

3. 9.00-10.00 in the morning - is the period for working with information and statistics. 

You won't regret! No doubt, all children and adults will like it!

This processed cheese is very easily made. Moreover, it's quick to prepare. The result is very tasty and healthy cheese. 

Ingredients for the recipe:

0.5 kg fat curds

1 egg 

100 g butter 

1/2 tsp soda

1 tsp salt. 

 Если кричать на стакан воды в течении 80 лет, то можно его вскипятить.</p>
<p>Микробиологи из университета штата Джорджия считают, что на Земле всего 5 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 (5 нониллионов) бактерий.</p>
<p>Человеческое сердце создает давление, которого достаточно, чтобы поднять кровь на уровень 4-го этажа.</p>
<p>В Индии потребляется 1,5 кг бумаги на душу населения в год, в Афганистане и Мали – 100 грамм. Для сравнения средний показатель всего мира составляет 45 кг, а в Финляндии достигает 1400 кг.</p>
<p>В средние века люди извлекали из земной коры лишь 18 химических элементов и их соединений, в XVII веке – 25, в XVIII в. – 29, в XIX в. – 47, в начале XX века – 54, во второй половине – более 80 элементов.</p>
<p>Какое пятизначное число при умножении на четыре дает число, представляющее из себя обратную последовательность цифр исходного числа? 21978 x 4 = 87912.</p>
<p>В начале XX века в мире насчитывалось 360 больших городов (с числом жителей свыше 100.000 человек), в которых проживало лишь 5 % всего населения. В конце 80-х гг. таких городов было уже 2.500, а доля их в мировом населении превышала 33%.</p>
<p>Самое большое количество почтовых отделений в мире в Индии – 152.792 (для сравнения в США всего чуть больше 38.000).</p>
<p>Бикфордов шнур горит с постоянной скоростью 1 см/с и по его длине подрывники могут прикинуть время до взрыва.</p>
<p>Самая высокая температура, когда-либо достигнутая людьми, была зафиксирована в Принстонском Университете в 1978 году. Во время физического эксперимента удалось достигнуть температуры в 70 миллионов градусов Цельсия.</p>
<p>Вещество 2,3,7,8-тетрахло-родибензо-n-диоксин, или TCDD, – самый смертоносный из 75 известных диоксинов. Он в 150 000 раз ядовитее цианида</p>
<p>На самой большой высоте расположено безымянное озеро в Тибете. Его координаты 34+ 16′ с.ш., 85+43′ в.д. Находится этот высокогорный водоем на высоте 5800 м над уровнем моря.Из пресноводных озер наибольшую акваторию имеет одно из Великих озер в Северной Америке – озеро Верхнее. Его общая площадь 82 350 км2, из которых 53 600 км2 находятся на территории штатов Миннесота, Висконсин и Мичиган (США), а 27 750 км2 – в пр. Онтарио, Канада. Озеро расположено на высоте 180 м над уровнем моря.</p>
<p>По объему пресной воды первое место занимает российское озеро Байкал в Восточной Сибири. Его объем равен 23 000 км3.

A cup of coffee contains 20 percent of daily norm in vitamin P, that is necessary for blood vessels. 

The first space satellite weighed 83.6 kg. A hummingbird weighs 1.7 g in average. 

We want to acquaint you with several principles of true love and if you follow them, you can build really harmonious relations and avoid many mistakes. 

Relations can be considered perspective if them promise duration, stability and give joy for both of the partners. Such relations are based on the principles of the so-called healthy love. 

Grandmas like to grumble that the young are all leaned but don't know the simple elementary principles. 

Here they are:

- if you sleep with your head to the north - it is health, good dreams etc;

- if you sleep with your head to the south - it is drowse, irritability, loss of a healthy complexion etc;

- don't sleep with your head  to the west - it will bring a lot of diseases;

Wallnut shell is unique and contains a lot of useful substances that can solve some health problems. 

We offer you a collection of culinary tips, that will be useful for beginners as well for experienced cooks. 

1. Pour the bottom of the pan with salt for oil not to splash.

2. Fried eggs will be puffy if you add 2 tbs of cold water to 1 glass of eggs and whisk carefully.

3. Cakes and loaves will be puffy and soft even the next day, if you add diluted potato starch into the pastry.

Что будет, если сосать дольку чеснока

I have a rare and approved by centuries recipe that I want to share with you. This recipe saves from many diseases. I got it accidentally. 

We were at a beuty exhibition with my friend. We have been walking there for the whole day. Everything was very interesting, but we got tired and decided to take a break. My friend took a thermos with tea. We were sitting and drinking tea when a woman joined us. My friend offered her tea, the woman agreed. We started talking. 

1. Always add diluted potato starch into the pastry - cakes and pies will be puff and soft even on the next day. The main secret of tasty pies is fluffy pastry: you should sift the flour for pastry. All the superfulous impurities are removed and the pastry enriches with oxygen. 

These foods contain substances that cause tissues recovery of intervertebral spinal disks. Such substances makes these tissues more stable and elastic. Strengtening of these tissues leads to the movement of vertebras to their right places without manual correction.