10 Quotes by Coco Chanel

1. Women that don't use perfume are the very self-confident, because a perfume trail of a well-chosen perfume, that follows a beautiful lady, always accompanies image that she had created. It plays not the last, but sometimes even the first role in creation of this image. 

2, I don't like too long jackets - during a conversation with a man, I can't see his attitude towards me.

3. A fortune doesn't have reasons for bringing strangers together. 

4. Your face in your twenties is given you by nature. Wha it will be like in your fifties, depends on you, 

5. The worse business a girl has, the better she should look. 

6. Every girl should know two things for herself: what and whom she wants.

7. The most significant act is to think of yourslef. For everyone to hear.  

8. A man, who is able to act, is doomed to be loved. 

9. A woman is worry about her future until she gets married. A man isn't worry about the future until he gets married. 

10. Woman's hands are her calling card. Her neck is her passport, her bust is her passport for travelling abroad.