Some Amazing Qualities of a Walnut Shell

Wallnut shell is unique and contains a lot of useful substances that can solve some health problems. 

In such a way you can cleanse your body from accumulated harmful substances with the help of a wallnut shell. For this purpose chop some quantity of walnut shell into powder then burn to ashes (in a non-corrosive saucepan). When a smoke appear, turn off the heat and stir the powder. 

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This powder is used for water disinfection (instead of activated carbon) and for gastrointestinal deliverance from radioactive products. Dissolve this powder in water (1 tbs of powder into 200ml water) and take in every 15 minutes. It's a perfect way to cleanse the mucous membrane of a gastrointestinal system. 

You can pour this powder of burnt walnut shell on formed ulcers. It contributes to their soon recovery. 

As you can see, walnut shell plays a significant role in fighting against some diseases and body disorders so don't be in a hurry to throw it away!