5 Main Principles of True Love

We want to acquaint you with several principles of true love and if you follow them, you can build really harmonious relations and avoid many mistakes. 

Relations can be considered perspective if them promise duration, stability and give joy for both of the partners. Such relations are based on the principles of the so-called healthy love. 

American psychologist Tracy Cabot points out 12 main principles of a healthy love - love, that makes a person happy, that is to overwhelm him with life, but not to deprive him of rest, sleep and energy:

1. when two people come into love relations, life of each of them must improve. Consequently, if your life becomes worse or you pull each other down, one of them will come to his senses and want to leave. 

2. Love cannot be bought. Attention! Only in case you're doing this, don't rely on your expenses to be generously repaid. 

3. Avoid jealousy. Provoking jealousy, you're playing with fire. Somebody will burn his fingers sooner or later. People are inclined to jealousy, but sometimes they have lack of self-confidence that's why you shouldn't evoke this feeling intentionally. 

4. At healthy love relations both of the partners depend from each other to the same extent. 

5. A truly loving person doesn't need arguments for love of his partner. He proves his love himself.