Two foods that you should eat every day

These foods contain substances that cause tissues recovery of intervertebral spinal disks. Such substances makes these tissues more stable and elastic. Strengtening of these tissues leads to the movement of vertebras to their right places without manual correction.

Try to use this method and you won't recognize your spine. Substances that are necessary for such a procedure don't contain in each fruit in particular, but form during mixing. This combination contains a magic power, increasing libido of men and women.

A fig is a preventive medicine against cancer. It normalizes thyroid gland activity. Moreover, dry fig helps to remove parasites from bowels. It is used as a traditional remedy while treating bronchitis. 

Prunes are another gift of nature for your health.Perhaps, the first that influence gastrointestinal tract positively is prune. Prune extract helps to get rid of constipations and put digestion system in order. Moreover, prunes are useful for those who suffer from heart and high blood pressure diseases. Prunes also helpful for kidney diseases, rheumatism, liver diseases and atherosclerosis. Due to high concentration of vitamin A, it improves vision.