Medecinal Magic Secrets or Granny's Signs

Grandmas like to grumble that the young are all leaned but don't know the simple elementary principles. 

Here they are:

- if you sleep with your head to the north - it is health, good dreams etc;

- if you sleep with your head to the south - it is drowse, irritability, loss of a healthy complexion etc;

- don't sleep with your head  to the west - it will bring a lot of diseases;

- to restore the harmony in your family make an ikebana using 7 cloves of garlic, 7 bay leaf twigs (it attracts people), several oak twigs (it's longevity);

- don't lose and give anybody your wedding ring. In case you lose it, a divorce will happen, in case you give it somebody to try on, your husband will be unfaithful;

- don't borrow money or give anything on Mondays, otherwise you would have losses during all the week, but that person who lent money would have a success and an income. The time isn't significant;

- don't scatter your things. An angry evil sits on scattered things, so hang them up;

- during menstruation women shouldn't cook because diseases pass into both sides. They also shouldn't treat. It's recommended them to drink tea;

- go to church without hair-pins to allow mental energy come through;

- don't throw away cut hair and nails. Instead of this, bury them. Try a strange person not to comb his hair in your house, because left hair attracts energy to his owner;

- a pregnant woman shouldn't wear above the knee skirts, otherwise, she would have a sick child. She should wear below the knee skirts;

- you can read purifying prayers in a particular place and seat sick people here during a day. This place would be sanitary.