11 Short Culinary Tips

We offer you a collection of culinary tips, that will be useful for beginners as well for experienced cooks. 

1. Pour the bottom of the pan with salt for oil not to splash.

2. Fried eggs will be puffy if you add 2 tbs of cold water to 1 glass of eggs and whisk carefully.

3. Cakes and loaves will be puffy and soft even the next day, if you add diluted potato starch into the pastry.

4. Beetroot is boiled for 3-3.5 hours that is very long. Professional cooks boil a beetroot as follows: they wait 30 minutes after boiling, pour off the water and put under the stream of cold water (the colder the better) for 15 minutes. Temperature overfall brings a beetroot till doneness. 

5. Instead of yeast you can add some brandy into the pastry - it'll become more fragnant and tasty. 

6. Cool egg-whites and add several drops of lemon juice or lemon acid before whisking, in this case they will whisk in a foam quicklier. As for the egg yolks, they like warmth and sugar. 

7. To get a golden crust when frying meat, spread it with honey. 

8. Liver will be soft if you pour it with sugar beforehand.

9. To prevent the eggs from cracking, wash them in a cold water beforehand.

10. Boil carrots for 5-10 minutes to get a good taste. As other vegetables, boil them on high heat and salt to the end.

11. Soak rice in cold water for 30 minutes before boiling for it to be friable.