7 Steps How to Apply the Foundation

A foundation hides skin defects and emphasizes its advantages that's why it's considered to be the main decorative cosmetics. It's a background of make-up, that's why it should be applied according to certain rules. 

Step 1.

Apply the foundation on a clean skin. For this purpose use a cleansing milk or gel, then a tonic or a lotion. 

Step 2.

Then you need to moisture your skin. Apply a day cream. A moistening cream should absorb, so wait for several minutes and remove the remnants of the cream with a paper towel, otherwise a foundation lies unevenly. 

Step 3. 

Use a green concealer to correct the redness on your face.

Step 4. 

Apply a foundation and shade towards the neck, ears, roots of hair to avoid the mask effect. Correct the eyelids but in a very thin layer. 

Step 5.

If you wish, you can use concealers. A light concealer makes wider, closer and bigger visually. So if you have a wide oval face you can apply it on a centre part - the middle of the forehead and bridge of nose. Don't forger about the circles under the eyes, nasolabial wrinkles and a chin. 

Step 6. 

A dark concealer makes less, deepens and moves away. Consequently, you should darken a wide forehead, nose, low chick-bones from sides. To underline the face shape and improve facial features, apply a dark concealer on a high cheek-bones - from the middle ot the ear bias, 2-3 cm before the nosewing.

Step 7. 

Apply a powder onto the whole face. It frosts and strengthens make-up.