Time Our Brain Functions in the Most fficient Way

1. 6.00-7.00 in the morning - that's a period when our long term memory works and all the received information soaks easily.

2. 8.00-9.00 in the morning - our logical reasoning starts to work. It's the most suitable time for any activity, connected with memorization and analytics at the same time.

3. 9.00-10.00 in the morning - is the period for working with information and statistics. 

4. 11.00-12.00 - the intellectual functions become less effective, so you'd better to turn your attention to something abstract. For example, you can listen to music.

5. 11.00-14.00 - the most appropriate time for having lunch. According to the eastern wisdom, it's the time of fire of digestion, when all food you eat is digested properly. 

6. 12.00-18.00 - the best time for an active work. Working in late hours makes brain work at full stretch. The first symptoms of such overstrain are the problems with falling asleep.

7. 21.00-23.00 - the best time for brain and the nervous system to  have a rest. 

8. 23.00-1.00 - the time of a thin energy recreation. In Chinese medicine it is called ''tsi'', Indian yogis call it "prana". As for the modern medicine, it considers this energy to be the nervous and muscular strength. 

9. 1.00-3.00 in the morning is the time when a person restores his emotional energy.