The 3 Most Common Makeup Mistakes

1. Applying make-up on a dry peeling skin 

The first and the most significant is moistening and again moistening. Makeup on a dry skin will last for a little time. Moreover, it will intensify dryness and heterogeneity. 

You can easily get rid of a dry skin with the help of peeling, but you should do it regularly. Don't forget to moisture your skin after each session. A regular care that comes into habit, demands less time than correction of your make up. 

2. Wrong shade of foundation 

The main aim of the foundation is to smooth a skin tone and masking skin defects, pigmentation or redness. In case you've chosen a wrong shade of foundation, all the rest make-up will fail. Too dark shade will create the mask effect, while your head would seem alien. Too light shade will underline all wrinkles and roughnesses. 

The best way to choose the right shade is to apply minimum 3 various shades on a chin (not on the hand) and choose the shade that would merge with skin tone perfectly. About 70% of women use the wrong shade because they try it on the hand. A hand skin is twice darker than face skin. 

3. Not to wash off your face before the sleep

It's the most serious crime for your skin. Are you tired and shy that somebody will see you without make-up in the morning? Believe, pure and moisted skin looks much better than a not fresh makeup with broken eyelashes.

No matter what's the time and how tired you are, use lotion or just wash off your face skin before sleep.