2 Foods That Cleanse Your Body Better Than Any Remedy

A topical question of cleansing the body often leads to nonsence. Gallons of oil, lemon juice and remedies bring many people to hospitals. It’s worth paying attention to the simple foods that cleanse the body more than any remedy and unable to cause any harm to you.

So what are the products you should eat to clean your body?


The most significant element in onion is phytoncides, that are kept in etheric oils. Phytoncides kill the most part of the bacteriums and funguses within several minutes. Also onion helps to improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients and stimulates your appetite. Onion contains a lot of sulfur, that neutralizes and removes everything harmful.

How to take in: take it fresh, in salad, in tincture or as a face mask for pimples and acne.


One clove of garlic contains more than 400 useful components. These components help to clean the vessels, lower the cholesterol level in blood and to kill the cause of brain cancer that is glioblastoma multiforme cells. Useful components of garlic remove the reason of the stomach ulcer – helicobacter, and also helminths, diphtheria bacillus and tubercular bacillus. 

How to take in: the best way is to take in fresh or chopped.