3 Tips How to Search Google That 96% of Users Don't Know About

Every day millions of people use Google for searching for various information. But most of them use the lesser part of all the searching opportunities. We offer you 19 ways to search Google more effectively! 

1. how to find an exact phrase or a word-form:

To find the specific phrase or word-form is easy! Just use quotes. Put a phrase or a word in quotes and Google will search for content that contains this particular phrase or word-form. 

For example, I ''look at the sky''.

2. How to find a quotation with a missing word
Attention! Only in case you forgot a word in the quotation - don't worry! Just put all your quotation in quotes and use an asterisk instead of a forgotten word. Google will find your quotation with the missing word. 

For example:
''Why am I * falcon''.

3. How to find any of the several words 
Just enumerate all the suitable variants with a vertical bar after each word. Google will find content with any of these words. 

For example:
Pizza | Cola | Dessert