Vitamin That Destroys Cancer

The American author Edward Griffin in his work “World without cancer” describes the truth about the medical properties of Vitamin B17 that is also called laetrile or amygdalin.

This substance kills cancer cells quickly enough.

The author gives the facts about the successful recovery of cancer patients and scientific explanations of its effect. He also states the point why modern medicine doesn’t use it against this insidious illness. Before it was prohibited by pharmaceutical companies, many people were cured since its discovery.

So this secrecy about vitamin B17 is an economic motive for the dominating pharmaceutical industry. In other words, cancer patients have more chances to live than to die.

In case the truth of this remedy wouldn't hidden, an enormous profit of a huge pharmaceutical industry will come to the end.

Vitamin B17 that kills the cancer, can be found in fruit stones especially in apricot stones. They were declared a remedy against all types of a cancer 35 years ago. After World War II, Dr. Max Gerson treated his patients successfully and included it into his system of cancer treatment.

Amygdalin contains in apricot, almond, bitter almond, cheery, peach, plum stones, apple seeds, sorghum, lentil, grape stones, flaxseeds and some legumes.