Ice Washing for Elastic, Smooth and Young Looking Skin

Everybody knows that cold can not only cause diseases but also  make you healthy.

Due to the cold aging process slows down. The pores become narrow, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, wrinkles disappear. The shape of your face becomes better.

To get elastic, smooth and young looking skin try to use pieces of ice instead water when washing.

Wonderful anti-aging ice cubes can be prepared from decoction of herbs, vegetables and fruit juice frozen at home freezer.

Green tea

Ice made of strong green tea tones. It is suitable for all kinds of skin.


Take 4 teaspoons of parsley, chop and pour with boiling water. Brew for an hour and then freeze. It is also suitable for all kinds of skin.

Rose ice

Take one teaspoon of rose petals, pour with one glass of boiling water and brew for 30 minutes. Pour to molds for ice and freeze.

Fruit ice

Your skin will love frozen fruit and vegetables. Cut an apple, kiwi, cucumber, grapefruit and orange into small cubes and freeze them. In the morning wipe with them face, neck and décolleté.