Cheeks. Special Gymnastics

With the help of easy gymnastics you can create miracles on your face: to remove wrincle from the forehead, to lift eyelids, to smooth nasolabial folds. Certainly it is difficult to change the situation drastically, but it is possible to improve your appearance.

At least, this is a very efficient and useful alternative to surgical braces and Botox.

Exercise 1 tones the face

It improves the shape of your face due to the fact that it tones most of your face muscles. It removes very good signs of fatigue from your face.

Take a deep breathe, inflate the cheeks and distribute air evenly inside. Wink lips tightly. Now put your palms to the cheeks, fingers on the ears. Press on your cheeks with the hands and resist this pressure with your cheeks.

Hold it for 5-6 seconds and then relax your face. Repeat the exercise from five to ten times.

Exercise 2 “tongue behind the cheek”

This exercise also improves the shape of your face and it is very easy to perform.

Stand in front of a mirror, round your lips in the form of letter “o”. Now touch the internal surface of your cheek with your tongue. You should try  touch it as tightly as you can. Have you done that? Now start to move your tongue continuing to press it to the cheek as strongly as you can.

You should make about twenty repetitions for each side – so you will maximally work out all  muscles of your cheeks.

It may arise a tension in the lower part of your tongue. It means that you also prevent sagging of your chin.

By the way, you can make this exercise everywhere, but better when nobody sees you.