Home Masks for Face Lifting That Return Your Skin Elastisity

Do you want to make the home masks for face lifting to return youthful appearance of your skin? Then look at some recipes of the quickest and effective masks of all times. Action time is about 20 minutes, wash off with warm water. 

1. a potato mask

Rub one raw potato on a small or medium grater, add olive oil (one teaspoon). The starch that potatoes contain is known for its tightening characteristics.

2. a protein mask 

Whisk egg until they are foamy, then apply on your face. It's the most simple homemade mask that wouldn't cause any problems.

3. a honey mask 

Blend the oat flakes (2 big tablespoons) and mix them with whisked eggs and warmed honey (one teaspoon). 

4. a lemon mask 

Mix whisked eggs with brans (a tablespoon), crumbled lemon peel (one teaspoon) and lemon juice (one teaspoon). 

After you've tried these homemade masks for face lifting, you won't refuse them any more: they'll help to provide your skin with youth and healthy glowing as much as possible.