A Scent and Your Personality

It's not necessary to stare at a woman, examining her make-up, lipstick, nose or mouth type to understand who is standing in front of you. Sometimes it's enough to inhale to feel her parfume. 

Eastern fragnances

Admirers of the eastern fragnances are often sure that their main task in life is to decorate their man's life. However, it doesn't bother them to value their financial dependance that gives the feeling of freedom and stability at the same time. Such women have a tendency to be impulsive. They are able to analyze a problem from different sides, to estimate risks, to find a solution and in a sudden burst makes everything a different way than it was planned.

Women of such type have a good intuition. However, they not always have time to listen to their inner voice. Sometimes they even ignore it - as a rule, this happens, when they don't like what it whispers. An admirer of heady flavours hardly can survive on the desert island, she will feel boring and sad face to face with herself.

Floral fragnances

Among the floral fragnances' admirers there are many perfectionists that consider it's their duty to finish every started activity (you may be sure, they always read a boring book till the end and never leave a movie till it ends). No matter what is it - writing a business plan or spring cleaning in the kitchen - they will fell inner discomfort till everything will be done perfectly.

Admirers of sweet floral fragnances are sensitive and a little bit anxious. That's why they prefer to plan everything beforehand and often ask their favourite question "Where are you?", that irritates their children, husbands and other relatives.