How To Look 10 Years Younger In 10 Minutes

девушка с большими глазами

Just follow these 10 tips and everyone will notice your transformation!

How to look younger

Reshape your eyebrows

To look younger, your eyebrows should be as natural as possible. If you go to a beauty salon, they will shape your eyebrows in several minutes and advise what eyebrow pencil color it's better to use. 

Moisture the skin and even the tone

Buy a cream that will help to moisture the skin, give it freshness and even its tone. When the skin is well moistured, it looks softer and more even and that's what we want!

Use youth fragrances

The choice of fragrance is a very significant elemnet of female image. Using the right fragrant, you can help yourself to look younger. Fruit fragnances are usually associated with youth. 

Cosmetics should be one shade lighter 

Change black eyeliner into brown one, use warm and gentle palette eyeshadows. Dark and bright accents draw attention to the skin defects. That's what you should avoid!

Apply little blush 

Nothing makes look younger than little blush on your cheeks. Use a shade that is close to when you really blush. 

Plump lips 

It's no need to go to a plastic surgeon to get plump lips. There are a lot of methods for this purpose that you can find in cosmetics, for example, lip gloss. 

Follow these tips and you will look 10 years younger. Such small innovates can greatly change your appearance in a short period of time.