Pure Face Skin! How to Get Rid of Blackheads

You'll get a wonderful result within a week! The skin gets renewed and becomes even. Blackheads and redness disapper. Pores get pure. 

You'll need:

1. two tablets of aspirin (not these fizzy puck-like tablets that we dissolve in a glass of water, but usual aspirin by Bayer Pharma company);

2. some honey;

3. several drops of water to granulate aspirin.

Drip some drops of water to the aspirin tablets. 

Wait for 10-20 seconds until it becomes granulated. 

Add some honey (a teaspoon is enough).

Apply the mask for 10 minutes.

Through 10 minutes use te mask as a scrab - massage your skin gently and make a peel with a circular movements. 

Wash off. 

Apply the tonic or moisturizer. 

Avoid to apply the mask to the eye area (the skin is very soft there).