500g ground beef or pork

1 onion

1 clove of garlic

100ml water

1 tsp chicken stock cube

14g cheese

30g butter

salt, red and black pepper to taste.

For pastry:

125ml milk

125ml kefir

1 package dry yeast (7g)

1 tbs sugar

1 tsp salt

1 egg

500g flour

6 tbs vegetable oil.


200ml warm milk

30g butter

3 tbs sugar

2 tbs vegetable oil

1 egg

1 package vanilla sugar

¼ tsp salt

1 tsp yeast

500 – 600g flour

2 apples


sweetened condensed milk to taste.

House of Cards is a show where every character has shades of grey. Even so, Kevin Spacey's portrayal of Frank Underwood stands out. That's partly because the show's creators have written incredibly powerful and badass dialogues for Frank in every single season. Dialogues that every House Of Cards fan can use as "quotable quotes" in everyday situations. Such as;

1. When your friends tell you to dump your girlfriend.

I’ve got a deep, dark secret to share with you. This coming fall, when the world will be watching the runways for the latest trends, heading back to school with shiny new lunch boxes and enjoying the gently falling leaves… I’ll be doing the same while counting down the remaining days of my twenties; this fall I’m turning (gasp!) 30.

30 Things Every Woman Should be able to do Before Turning 30

Makeup Vlogger Uses Her Mouth As Canvas To Create Some Next-Level Lip Art

Rainbows, honeycombs, pixels and even famous Japanese works of art — there's almost nothing Canadian makeup artist Andrea Reed can't recreate using a few brushes and a variety of lipsticks.

Going by the name Girl Grey Beauty, Reed is known for sharing drool-worthy lip art creations as well as handy beauty tutorials. It's painful to admit, but her works really made us realize we have no game whatsoever when it comes to primpin'.


I don’t care about whose DNA has recombined with whose. When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching they are your family.

Jim Butcher

1) Sage essential oil is best suitable for smoothing out thin mimic wrinkles especially in combination with skin moisturizer. Being an antiseptic and an antibacterial, sage essential oil helps to tighten pores and makes skin firmer.



To make the batter, whisk the eggs.

You must know Napoleon gateau, but it’s a recipe of an appetizer cooked of layers and of gateau shape. It’s suitable for a festive table.


There are some tips how to apply an overnight homemade face mask. Firstly, always wash your face before applying the mask. Secondly, it is necessary to make a gentle massage of your face. Apply a thin layer. Remember you should avoid eye area. The course lasts 1.5 months and presupposes you would use it twice a day.

Secret №1

Take one spoon of flax seeds, chew thoroughly and then drink a cup of water. Wait for about 20 minutes before the breakfast.

The result

Flax seeds cleanse the body, especially intestines, greatly. Due to it your facial skin will keep smooth and fresh. Moreover, you can lose weight a little bit.



-150ml warm milk

-100ml natural yoghurt (or 250ml milk)

-1 package dry yeast (7g)

-2 tbs sugar

-2 tsp salt

-1 egg

-500g flour

-6 tbs vegetable oil (70ml)

A very tasty recipe. You can add salt and spices if you wish. The most amazing is that you can give these chips even to your child, they are absolutely harmless. Crispy and delicious! Eat while hot and crispy immediately after cooking.


2-3 potatoes;

spices and salt to taste.

Advice №1

Use a separate pair of cotton or wool socks (depending on the season) every time you go to bed. Oil your feet with a mixture of creamy butter and some drops of peppermint oil after a shower. Then put on socks and go to bed.

The result

A month later, you can be proud of your feet. If you do this a month before a bathing season, you will demonstrate them with pleasure. Everybody will admire them.

Ladies! A diet, quicker than this one, doesn’t exist, even if you refuse food at all. This particular diet is very easy. You should just drink a tasty mixture and you will lose weight incredibly quickly.  You will see the result in a day! So what’s the secret?


     When a person feels hunger, he is not very fastidious about the food so he tends to eat everything that is at hand. However, some foods are not suitable to eat on an empty stomach. What are they? Here is a list of such foods.



The 1st day

Breakfast: buckwheat cereal, 250ml milk

Dinner: bell pepper, tomato and onion salad, 100g cheese, 1 cup of milk

Supper: boiled beetroot with low fat sour cream, boiled potatoes, slice of a bread


Every woman who is dreaming of a healthy hair, should make this hair mask.

We will need:

Vitamin B6 ampoule;

Vitamin B12 ampoule;

1 g vitamin C;

2 tbs castor or burdock oil;

2 tbs honey (heat on a water-bath);


Apply it twice a year – in spring and in autumn. A course lasts 2 weeks.

We will need:

1 tbs honey (test for allergy first);


The reality is that our menstrual cycle is extremely powerful and does impact the way we feel from one day to the next. It’s also true that we have heightened strengths during every phase of our cycle. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know about the intricacies of our cycle and how to really capitalize on these strengths because from the time we hit puberty we’re given very little information about it. Why? Because there is a long-standing and deeply-rooted taboo around the subject of menstruation.