Fantastic way to lose weight (24 kg)

Ladies! A diet, quicker than this one, doesn’t exist, even if you refuse food at all. This particular diet is very easy. You should just drink a tasty mixture and you will lose weight incredibly quickly.  You will see the result in a day! So what’s the secret?


Ginger is used for weigh loss for a long time. This method firstly appeared in China.  However, the similar mixture was also used by people inclined to fat and by ayurvedic doctors. In our country it has gained its popularity recently. The advantage of the method is a possibility to lose weight without any limitations, almost not changing your dietary habits.

The recipe of the ginger diet is easy: you just need to drink a ginger mixture and to substitute unhealthy food to its healthy analogues.

Why the ginger diet is working

The diet is based on a ginger tea, which contains phytoncides and essential oils. These substances increase the body temperature and boost metabolism. As a result, your body burns calories quickly. The racy flavor of ginger restrains other taste receptors. So after a cup of ginger tea most of people eat less than they were planning. Unfortunately, such drink doesn’t burn and block calories, as many people think. But it fills up a water shortage in a body that in its turn helps to intensify the process of losing weight. Now all you need is to learn how to cook a ginger tea and revise your diet.

How to make ginger tea

Take 1-2 tbs grated fresh ginger and 1 big lemon. Put it to the vacuum bottle and pour 1.5l boiling water. Let it steep for about 4-6 hours. You can also add honey before you drink. Take 1 cup of a tea half an hour before having a meal.

Ginger green tea for weight loss

Besides it helps with weight loss, it also has a restorative effect on your body. Make a green tea in a teapot. Pour 1-2 tbs grated fresh ginger with juice of one lemon. Put all the ingredients into the vacuum bottle and draw for about 2-4 hours. Take 150 ml of a warm tea half of an hour before having a meal.