10 Foods That You Shouldn’t Eat On An Empty Stomach

     When a person feels hunger, he is not very fastidious about the food so he tends to eat everything that is at hand. However, some foods are not suitable to eat on an empty stomach. What are they? Here is a list of such foods.




Due to high magnesium content, eating bananas on an empty stomach can break calcium-magnesium ratio in our body. It can lead to cardiovascular diseases.


Your stomach can overfill with gases and acid.

Cold drinks

They stimulate the stomach and intestines. As a result, some enzymatic reactions can be damaged, that will provoke several diseases. Women can ever suffer from menstruation promlems.


High level of organic, tartaric, maslinic and citric acid produces the gastric acid in the body. It causes gases and acid in the stomach.


While eating yoghurt on an empty stomach, you risk to lose the major part of its useful qualities. It will help your digestion in case you take it within 2 hours after having meal or before the sleep.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato contains such substances as tannin and pectin, which stimulate the gastric acid and cause a strong discomfort.


Persimmon also contains a lot of pectin and tannin. They interconnect with the gastric acid and generate a gel substance. It can be the reason of a stomach calculus.


Tomatoes cause the same side effects, as persimmon.


Sugar is an easily digestible food. When you eat sugar on an empty stomach, your body cannot produce enough insulin to keep up the normal level of sugar in blood. It can cause different eye diseases. Moreover, sugar is an acid-forming food, which is able to break the acid-base balance.


Garlic contains allicin, which stimulate the stomach and intestines. It can cause a gastrospasm.

To sum up, even if you are very hungry, don’t be in a hurry to eat whatever you find. Remember that not every kind of food is suitable to eat on an empty stomach.