Overnight Face Masks Learned From Grandma

There are some tips how to apply an overnight homemade face mask. Firstly, always wash your face before applying the mask. Secondly, it is necessary to make a gentle massage of your face. Apply a thin layer. Remember you should avoid eye area. The course lasts 1.5 months and presupposes you would use it twice a day.

Egg yolk overnight mask: firstly, apply a hot compress on dry skin of your face. Then mix 22 tsp moisturizer or nutritious moisture cream and an egg yolk, a pinch of salt, add 15 drops of Vitamin A, 15 drops of Vitamin E and 10 drops of Vitamin D.  Leave for the whole night. In the morning, wash your face with cold water or tea solution.

Shea butter overnight mask: mix an egg yolk and 1 tsp shea butter, then add 2 tbs dry pure green tea and mix again till paste. Appky on your face. It’s better to wash off with weak green tea solution.

Curd overnight mask: mix 2 tbs rich curd, 1 tbs warm olive oil, 1 tbs milk and a pinch of salt. Apply on the face and leave for the whole night. In the morning, wash your face with a decoction.

Cocoa oil overnight mask: warm 1 tsp cocoa oil in a bain-marie and mix it with1 tsp jojoba oil, 1 tsp almond oil, apricot kernel oil and 2 tsp olive oil. Apply in a thin layer and leave for the whole night. Wash your face with green tea solution. The mask is best suitable for dry skin.

An overnight face mask is the obligatory element in taking care of your skin. Keep in mind that you don’t have young and elastic skin forever. But you can prolong its health. If you take care of your skin regularly, you’ll forget about the wrinkles for a long time and your skin will be glowing, healthy and smooth as long as possible.