I was recently introduced to a group of girlfriends this fall and we had our first girls’ night out this week. This was my first “girls’ night” in over two years.

apple-watch-12I’m an active runner, and I’m pretty committed to tracking my excursions. I’ve used MapMyRun for about two years, but just downloaded Strava in order to kick the tires a bit.  There are dedicated running watches from Suunto, Garmin, and others, but, as I’ve written before, I’m hesitant about investing in one-use devices, especially when they cost about as much as the all-in-one option.


I don’t typically write too much on this blog. As I said from the beginning, this is more of a power-house of information I find from various sources that help me with either nutrition, working out, healthy habits, etc. But every once in a while I like to take the time to write something from “me”. Something I don’t get to do too often.

Get some extra energy in the morning now with a perfect boosting banana peanut butter smoothie option.

 Meal Replacement Energy-Boosting Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie

sources of trans fats

In our earlier post we had a look at how trans fats can cause adverse effects on our health. In this post we’ll look at sources of trans fats – visible as well as invisible.


If you need a quick appetizer to wow your friends and family during the upcoming holidays, look no further! Baked Cheese Dip might be just what the taste buds ordered. Serve hot with crackers.

I often have trouble figuring out how I want to cook my veggies. Steamed? Broiled? Something else? Who knows. Not me.

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Featured Image

Fall is in full swing, which means it’s officially my favorite time of the year! I absolutely love being able to wear jackets, scarves, and boots! The leaves are gorgeous, the air is crisp, and I have some favorite things to share from this fall! I had so many favorites this fall, that I have chosen to expand my list beyond beauty products. Let’s get started!

Happy Sunday Love Bugs.
Sorry I’ve been late with these posts the last couple of weeks, next week I will try and have my post out Saturday Morning but failing that it will be up sometime Sunday afternoon.

Just a quick reminder that not all of the products I use are vegan friendly but that’s because they were pre vegan purchases and it would be wasteful to just throw them away, so I plan to use them until they’re finished and just not repurchase.




Sometimes I buy products and think, “Oh my God, what was I thinking? This is far too expensive!” This is within minutes of buying something. I get this often, and the majority of times, it works out.

 Elix and I are on a little health kick at the moment – more exercise, nutritious food, no snacking (me especially as i do love an evening peanut m&m’s treat) – anyway we are making good use of Jamie Oliver’s Superfood book for recipe inspiration and nutrition advice.

Picture of Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are mostly in season around the autumn months; however they are still pretty abundant during winter.

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Every now and I go on a health kick, forgoing avo and toast for a chicken salad instead. So why not enjoy a yummy chicken salad for lunch on this grey Sunday afternoon?


A brunch for an accidentally sore head. I have recently, and most unexpectedly, started craving “healthy” hangover food. As someone who spent the last three years testing how many hangover dishes you can improve with bacon (answer: all), no one was more surprised than me. But, I didn’t want to do anything strenuous and I wanted it to have vegetables. And so, the root vegetable rosti was born. You can use any root vegetables that you have lying around, and you can add grated onion, garlic, herbs or chilli if you wanted extra flavour.

Apple cinnamon water is a natural way to boost metabolism.

It contains 0 calories!  

A good metabolism is a pledge of an ideal figure.

I have loved EOS lip balms for years but I have always felt that they were a bit clumsy and strange. This new edition from Softlips works much better for me at least but it is stil clumsy to have in your bag. The smaller tube that Softlips normally comes in works much better for me BUT I do think this is a fun alternative and I love how it feels on my lips.

Doftlips cube



It started as a tap
A light pitter pat
Then the sky became
Gloomy and black



The weather keeps getting colder and winter is slowly arriving here in Germany which means showing some extra love to my skin. Luckily, I was blessed with smooth and clear skin during my teenage years but it recently started turn into a problem when I started discovering more and more pimples and dry patches. Steam baths and face masks have definitely helped me out in the past weeks. But the problem wasn’t really solved until I switched up my whole skin care routine.

Date Night Makeup

So you’ve seen my lazy face make up, the make up that’s quick to apply when I’m not looking to impress. Now I’m going to talk about the make up I’ll wear when I’m going out or maybe want to put more effort in to look a little more dolled up.

I’ve been experimenting with DIY mask recipes. We pay a fortune to some known brands for their natural and organic masks. Million dollar question is, why can’t we make our own concoctions at home? We can have fun with it and save some $$$ to invest in serums we cannot make at home.Mask