Seevaral tips for separate food diet

1. Never eat pastry and product containing protein at 1 meal. 

To digest these types of food different gastric acids are needed. If you want your digestion be good, don't make difficult the working of the stomach. Food of one type (or food, combining with other products) digest good. Proteins are digested with the help of highly acidic digestive juices that complicate amidons' digestion.

Pastries can ferment in such digestive juice. Don't forget olives contain a high percentage of proteins. 

Avoid the following combinations:
fish - rice;
chicken - fries;
beefsteak - macaroni;
sandwich with ham;
cheese sandwich;
breaded fish;
flour based sauces with meat;
nut cakes. 

2. Eat only one pastry product during one meal. 

Even one pastry product is enough to replenish your body's energy reserve. Too rich food is harmful for your body, especially for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. 

3. Never mix sugar or fruit containing sugar and animal proteins. Such a combination leads to fermentation in your stomach. Sugar prevents the digestion of proteins.