Gymnastics For a Beautiful Bust - Easy And Simple!


A beautiful bust is one of the main components of sexual attraction. Though any notion of beauty is relative and subjective enough, one thing remains undoubted: a beautiful breast is firm, it doesn't droop and keeps its form while moving. 

From an anatomical point of view, a bust is fat and connective tissues that, together with mammary  glads, are enclosed in a skin capsule that, together with muscles around forms a nature bra. With age (sometimes even after 25) it becomes weaker and the breat lose its form and droops. In case in a sitting position you can put a pencil under your breast without a bra and the pencil won't fall down - you should take urgent measures.  

Exercises aimed at stimulation of breast supporting muscles will influence the form of the breast positively. 

The pectoral muscles (large and small) start near shoulder joints and disperse to sternum fan-shaped. 

The main exercises for their development are:

1. spreading arms sideways, push-ups, work with dumbbells. 
Swimming and dancing strengthen chest muscles well.

Gymnatics for a beautiful bust - easy and in your office. 

You can do the simpliest exercises to tone your breast during the day and get rid of the tiredness, working monotonously. 

Exercise "Palms press". 

Keep your palms together, hands in front of you, elbows to the sides. Pressing your palms to each other, put your elbows together. 
Put your hands above your head and do the same pushes. 
Take off your palms to the right and go on pressing with them, you should feel this movement with chest muscles. 

Exercise "Push-ups".

A. Sitting in the armchair, set against the arms with all your force. 

B. Standing with your head to the wall, set your stretched arms against it then bend your elbows a little. This is the easiest way of push-ups. Doing push-ups from the edge of the table or from the floor. 

Standing in the doorway and keeping your hands on a door frame at your chest level, raise to your tiptoes, put the body forward and bend then go down on your heels an move your body back. 

Do these exercises daily, increasing the number of them to 30.