Rhythm of Beauty


It started as a tap
A light pitter pat
Then the sky became
Gloomy and black

Deep clouds rolled in
The air became thin
Then her mind became lost
In a dream filled with sin

Trees started to bend
And the birds alight
From branches to fly
Soundless flight

Instead a low hum
Of the body electric
Sparks of lightning
Both drawn magnetic

A rustle of silk
Merely a whisper
Pale skin floats above
Fingers that tease her

A crackling light cuts
Across the expanse
Acquiesce; it’s mirrored
In her whimpered dance

The tympani sounds
Their bellowing rumble
A warning thunder
Of the apex rumbled

Curtains of certainty
Slice down from above
A rhythm of beauty
And joy expressed love

The emptiness filled with
The crack of his thunder
Her body and mind
Aglow in this wonder