Cosmetic Ice. Ice Has Been Using In Cosmetology Since The Ancient Times


Its useful qualities are tested by many generations. Its low price is amzing in comparison with its huge value. 

So what is useful in an ice cube? When you wipe your skin with an ice cube, your surface blood vessels tighten and deep blood vessels widen, that allows the intense blood inflow. When we remove the ice, the surface blood vessels widen and your skin fills with oxygen. 

This procedure promotes metabolic processes in your skin cells, the process of skin rejuvenation begins, wrinkles are soothed out and skin aging slows down. And, of course, blush appears and your skin looks healthier. To get more use, you can add juices and decoctions of different herbs to the ice. 

How to make cosmetic ice: 

Take 2 tablespoons of ground herbs (fruit, berries, etc., in dependance of our aims) and pour with 0.5 litres of hot water (purified or filtered beforehand). Then draw for several hours or put on the bain-marie for 15 minutes then cool until complete cooling. Filter the ready decoction and freeze in ice molds. If there is too much decoction, you can use it in another way: wash, wipe your face with tampons moistened in it, rinse your hair.