How long do you spend getting your hair just right in the morning? Several minutes? Hours? In spite of the great volumes of time people spend getting their locks to bounce and shine, most people put very little thought into the actual act of washing their hair. It turns out the way you wash your hair has a much greater impact on the overall health and appearance of your hair than you might have realized.

It's delicious.


3 chicken breasts 

300 g hard cheese

6 eggs

250 g sweet prunes without seeds

1 clove of garlic

300 g spicy Korean-style salad

1/2 glass of crumbled walnuts

500 g mayonnaise

a bunch of parsley

salt and black ground pepper to taste.

As a kid, I loved hanging out with dad.

Don't get me wrong, chilling with my mom was awesome. I would learn new things, get exercise and buy cute clothes!

But took it to the next level.

Every day was an adventure of some kind. I would become a wrestler from WWE, we would buy the TASTIEST food and the house would become a castle that was ours to decorate.

It wasn't until later that at one point dad popped a rib from wrestling, got in trouble for eating all our ice cream (every time) and the mess we made mom had to clean up.

But live and learn, right? Well, these dads are still learning.

Friends are great, but every once in a while you need a little break from them. Sure, it's always fun to get together with the crew, have a couple wobbly pops and chew the fat—but sometimes friends can just be too much to handle. Don't believe me? Then how do you explain these 15 real-life trolls?

Now that the Alice Through the Looking Glass trailer has hit YouTube, it's about that time to start gearing up for all things Alice.

When a big movie like this comes out, you can expect the superfans to come out in full costumes. And Alice in Wonderland definitely gives you some wild and outlandish styles to choose from if you're already putting one together.

But the look just wouldn't be complete without the right nail style, and we've found some real gems to get you ready.

With these 16 designs, you'll be well on your way to the best unbirthday celebration ever.


These exist because, well, sometimes it's really hard being a girl. Besides, guys can use some of these, too. Winning. 

Crocodile Brutus is a sensation of Australia's northern territory.

A guide feeds him buffalo meat with the help of a stick for tourists' entertainment. Brutus doesn't have his front left claw. According to the guide,Brutus has lost it while fighting with a shark. 

House of Cards is a show where every character has shades of grey. Even so, Kevin Spacey's portrayal of Frank Underwood stands out. That's partly because the show's creators have written incredibly powerful and badass dialogues for Frank in every single season. Dialogues that every House Of Cards fan can use as "quotable quotes" in everyday situations. Such as;

1. When your friends tell you to dump your girlfriend.

I’ve got a deep, dark secret to share with you. This coming fall, when the world will be watching the runways for the latest trends, heading back to school with shiny new lunch boxes and enjoying the gently falling leaves… I’ll be doing the same while counting down the remaining days of my twenties; this fall I’m turning (gasp!) 30.

30 Things Every Woman Should be able to do Before Turning 30

Makeup Vlogger Uses Her Mouth As Canvas To Create Some Next-Level Lip Art

Rainbows, honeycombs, pixels and even famous Japanese works of art — there's almost nothing Canadian makeup artist Andrea Reed can't recreate using a few brushes and a variety of lipsticks.

Going by the name Girl Grey Beauty, Reed is known for sharing drool-worthy lip art creations as well as handy beauty tutorials. It's painful to admit, but her works really made us realize we have no game whatsoever when it comes to primpin'.

Apply it twice a year – in spring and in autumn. A course lasts 2 weeks.

We will need:

1 tbs honey (test for allergy first);


The reality is that our menstrual cycle is extremely powerful and does impact the way we feel from one day to the next. It’s also true that we have heightened strengths during every phase of our cycle. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know about the intricacies of our cycle and how to really capitalize on these strengths because from the time we hit puberty we’re given very little information about it. Why? Because there is a long-standing and deeply-rooted taboo around the subject of menstruation. 

What would you change if you knew how your life would unfold?

Would you eat healthier? Exercise more? Would you take better care of your teeth? Maybe you would get up the nerve to ask out the cute guy in your French class. Or maybe you would wisely say “no” when the cute guy at the gym asked you. I definitely wish five year-old me would have known how much adult me would love taking naps. Children do not appreciate the delicious respite a nap provides.



Right now, you’re enjoying your time with just you and your spouse. You feel free, in love, and like you have all the time in the world.

But when you’re just a few years away from having kids, that time can pass by quickly, and suddenly you have to give all your attention to the little rug rats (and I use that term in a good way).

It's not funny, cute, or a compliment... and I definitely don't want to have to deal with it.

The Truth About Catcalling

Last Wednesday night, I had just gotten off work and I was tired, hungry, and only had a quarter tank of gas left. I pulled off at my regular gas station and was making my way to the cash register when I noticed an older man standing right in my way. We did that awkward dance-around-each-other thing, and I smiled and said, "Excuse me". He moved out of my way, and then when I was a few paces ahead of him, he called out to me,

/sites/default/files/ladies-lifestyle/1-3/07004f51a07f.jpgHave you ever met someone who defied the laws of attraction?

I grew up with an older brother that not only defied them but created them. It seemed like everywhere I looked he was kissing and dating some of the cutest girls I could ever imagine. To this day he is the most natural and genuine guy I ever seen with girls and people in general. I wasn’t sure then what made him such an Achilles heel to people’s heart.

Things Men Need To Stop Doing To The Women They Love

It’s International Women’s Day today and it’s a day that is usually spent celebrating womanhood—in all its forms. But, as women, we submit too much—to society, customs, circumstances and men. We do it too much. Yes, feminism is on the rise and so is a growing awareness that women are powerful and deserve respect. 

Some people, regardless of what they lack--money, looks, or social connections--always radiate energy and confidence.

Some people, regardless of what they lack--money, looks, or social connections--always radiate energy and confidence. Even the most skeptical individuals find themselves enamored with these charming personalities.

These people are the life of every party. They're the ones you turn to for help, advice, and companionship.