All your guests will beg you to say the recipe of this salad

It's delicious.


3 chicken breasts 

300 g hard cheese

6 eggs

250 g sweet prunes without seeds

1 clove of garlic

300 g spicy Korean-style salad

1/2 glass of crumbled walnuts

500 g mayonnaise

a bunch of parsley

salt and black ground pepper to taste.


Boil chicken breasts in salt water till softness. Cool and cut into cubes. 

Wash the prunes and pour with boiling water. Rest in water for 10 minutes, than pour it off and put the chicken breasts on the paper towel and dry out. Cut into stripes. Boil the eggs and separate egg yolks from whites. Grate them separately. 

Grate cheese using large holes of a grater. Mix grated cheese with mayonnaise and pressed garlic. 

Fry nuts on a dry pan a little and mix with Korean-style carrot salad. Take a flat plate and put the ingredients in layers: prunes, then mayonnaise, chicken breasts, salt and pepper, mayonnaise, Korean salad and nuts, then cheese layer, then egg-whites. Cover everything with mayonnaise and pour egg yolks evenly. Leave in a fridge for 1 hour. Decorate with parsley before serving. Enjoy!