How to Tell Someone You Like Them

In recent years, I've been more forthcoming in my expressions of love, admiration, and regard for the people around me -- from complete strangers to romantic partners.

I've come to the conclusion that life is short, and if you think or feel something positive about another person, you should tell them -- even if it creates an awkward moment.

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“The secret of attraction is to love yourself. Attractive people judge neither themselves nor others. They are open to gestures of love. They think about love, and express their love in every action.” ~Deepak Chopra

Here’s the bottom line: we want people to like us. Even when we say we don’t care what people think, we really do.

We desire to be loved, respected, and viewed in a positive light. Our human interactions are vital to our sense of well-being, self-esteem, and happiness. When we discover that someone doesn’t like us or rejects us in some way, our emotions can run the gamut from defensive indignation to deep pain and profound sadness.

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Of all the things most people aspire to be, the common subconscious desire is to evolve into someone who’s more likeable. Whether to ourselves, our loved ones, the people we’re still hung up on impressing, most aspirations are somewhere tied into a supposed promise of being “loved.” It’s human nature.

Yet, there’s often a strange paradox in the world of self-development, and it revolves around whether or not it’s more important to be true to yourself, or to be true to the kind of person that others find more appealing.

Ancient Egypt stood as one of the world’s most advanced civilizations for nearly 3,000 years and created a culture so rich that it has spawned its own field of study. But while Egyptian art, architecture and burial methods have become enduring objects of fascination, there is still a lot you probably don’t know about these famed builders of the pyramids. From the earliest recorded peace treaty to ancient board games, find out 11 surprising facts about the Gift of the Nile.

Cleopatra was not Egyptian.


A forest house is the perfect setting to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life; to experience the peaceful serenity of the forest to nurture the soul. There are no clocks… no schedule… no agenda. The day is yours to relax… to explore… to do as whatever you want. Revitalize yourself in a place where time stands still.

My mom is obsessed with keeping a stocked freezer, but I guess I don’t really take after her, because my freezer tends to be relatively empty, aside from random containers of stock/ramen broth, frozen dumplings and pierogi. I admit, I store buy frozen chinese dumplings and pierogi for those times that I just don’t feel like cooking. I tell myself it’s because of ease and convenience, but really, I just love the taste of frozen pockets filled with deliciousness.

Give that side braid the night off, and add a little twist to your look with the Half-Up Fishtail Braid! With soft waves, or even full curls, this braided ‘do is absolutely swoon-worthy! Need this look in your life? We’ve outlined each step for you below!


1. Start with wavy hair, brushed straight back.

2. Take the front section of one side and gently twist back.

3. Repeat previous step with an even section from the opposite side.

4. Next, use a clip to hold the twists together and in place.

5. Create an ‘X’ with two small pieces as shown.

6. Start the fishtail by crisscrossing each section over the other.

7. Add small pieces, as you would with a french braid, as you continue downward.

8. Next, remove the clip and finish braiding all the way to the ends.

9. Starting at the top of the braid, carefully loosen and widen for a messy look.

10. Complete this cute hairstyle with a little hairspray!

11 Quick And Easy Ways To Style Your Hair In Less Than 2 Minutes, The Right Tips For your Busy Mornings

Everybody loves foods. Whether they are the healthy and sumptuous looking homemade meals or fresh and thirst quenching fruits or those sinful and fat laden favourites, nobody will be able to forgo it. So we eat, but why not make everything easy?

For this article we will be seeing some food hacks which will be life changing and will be diet friendly (just ignore the bacon and other diet killer, that is, if you can).

Use dental floss to cut soft foods.

cutting through dental floss

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Dental floss is great to make perfect cut for cakes, cheese, rolls, burrito and other soft solid foods. There’ll be no mess, no knife sticking events and no hassle. Slide the floss under a rolled cake or bread and pull both ends up. For cakes, hold both ends across a cake, tighten and cut across the cake. For cheese, you can try both the techniques, whichever way you want.

For a note though, use some unscented floss for the slicing if you don’t want your food to taste like, er, your newly flossed teeth.

Just a bit of fun, not intended to be snarky in regards to how they’ve aged.


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Creative packaging is regarded as one of the most commonly seen illustration of graphic design. Aside from showcasing relevant and essential product properties, details and facts, the packaging is now a fundamental sales instrument as most consumers choose a product with creative, eye-catching packaging design when deciding on which products to buy. Therefore, having a captivating and exceptional and unique package design will make it a major competitive edge for companies and suppliers. The colors, illustration, typography and how items are wrapped and presented are just a few elements that designers need to pay attention to come up with an effective packaging which can impress the customers through it creativity.

10 – Ampro Bottle

Ampro Bottle Packaging Design

Ampro Bottle

Designed by Ampro Design

Crockpot French Onion Soup I

You know… like 9 hours.

But! At least this time you won’t have to cover your entire kitchen in flour, spend four days digging dough out from under your nails, scrub melted burned butter off the bottom of your oven and give the entire recipe you made to someone else because you can’t be trusted around it.

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I have a secret game that I play in every conversation I have. Until now, no one knew about it… but I’m about to dish the deets. ;)

I try to get every person I interact with to say, Wow. That’s a great question… at least once in our conversation.


Artist Michael Beitz designed two more of his amazing sculptural tables in the last year. The first is called Tree Picnic, a functional 50-foot-long picnic table that branches like a tree at the Michigan Riley Farm in Buffalo, NY. The other piece is a 18-foot-long tangle of looping wood titled Not Now, referring to the table’s anti-social design. The sculpture was on view last year as part of his solo show called Maybe Later at the Roswell Museum and Art Center.

I have been playing around with my smoker and one of the most unexpectedly delicious things I have smoked so far is potatoes. The smoke flavor really gets into the potatoes, and if you get some nice baby potatoes like I did it only takes about 3 hours for them to be fully tender and bursting with salty smokey goodness. You could use the smoked potatoes for anything that needs potatoes. Mashed potatoes would be amazing, but I think I might try gnocchi next! Considering that there is supposedly some sort of sport thing happening this weekend I figured I would make them into these mini potato skins.


As the human race moves more and more towards jobs that involve sitting and staring at computer screens for long periods of time, back pain and problems with posture have been on the rise.  Proper posture is important and three big reasons why include:



Being with you has always made me feel secure. You charm me in the most noble way and I’m entrapped into having this sweet and lovely conversations with you. Yet even with all that, I’m the only one enamored as our interactions deem completely meaningless to you.

Many people think that food can make your day bad or good, but is that all truth? Many people think that sugar make kids hyperactive and turkey doesn’t make you sleepy. Here you will see what of that is truth and what isn’t. Enjoy in these food myths and change your life.

1. Turkey doesn’t actually make you sleepy.



These 14 easy ideas will help you to enjoy in your food. All you need to do is to look at these food hacks photos, and after that, all you need to do is to remember these food tips and that will make your life easier.


Hey girls!

Today is about learning what skin type we have so we know what to build on. Before buying a beauty product we should be able to determine if it is compatible with our skin. This means that everyone should know what skin type they have to avoid aggravating the skin by using products that can irritate it.

A simple life is not seeing how little we can get by with—that’s poverty—but how efficiently we can put first things first. . . . When you’re clear about your purpose and your priorities, you can painlessly discard whatever does not support these, whether it’s clutter in your cabinets or commitments on your calendar. – V. Moran

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