5 Reasons Why Dads Shouldn't Be Left Alone With Kids

As a kid, I loved hanging out with dad.

Don't get me wrong, chilling with my mom was awesome. I would learn new things, get exercise and buy cute clothes!

But dad...dad took it to the next level.

Every day was an adventure of some kind. I would become a wrestler from WWE, we would buy the TASTIEST food and the house would become a castle that was ours to decorate.

It wasn't until later that at one point dad popped a rib from wrestling, got in trouble for eating all our ice cream (every time) and the mess we made mom had to clean up.

But live and learn, right? Well, these dads are still learning.

1. Bath Time Is On Another Level.

"Dad, we want LOTS of bubbles." "You got it, kids..."


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2. They Take Them Drifting.

This seems like a normal afternoon activity.


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3. Ultrasounds Are Not Taken Seriously.

"Two months to go, and he already can't even." Kid's not even born, and you already can't leave dad alone with even a picture.


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4. Dress Up Time Is Epic.

Who cares that your daughter wants to be a princess. Boom: Gandalf. Done. It seems like movies are a major dad theme, if you look at #6.


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5. Never Gets Old.

He he he... uranus...


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