5 Awesome Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

These exist because, well, sometimes it's really hard being a girl. Besides, guys can use some of these, too. Winning. 

1. Stop Your Bra From Showing

Sew in a bra strap clasp to your favorite shirt to avoid visible bra straps. 

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2. Magnetic Strip For Next-Level Organization

The beauty of a magnetic strip is that you can organize ALL your metal products in the bathroom, from nail clippers to bobby pins to hair clips. 

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3. How To Tuck Your Jeans Into Boots

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4. Can't Open A Nail Polish Bottle?

By wrapping a rubber band around the bottle, you get extra grip. That also means you can eat chips at the same time. 1 for women, 0 for nail polish bottles.

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5. How To Beat Key Rings

Break a nail? Hurt your finger? Key rings can be the bane of women AND men, but using a staple remover makes it easy to add and remove keys and more. 

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