She Applied Lemon Juice On Her Armpits. Now I'll Use This Method!

Она нанесла на подмышки сок лимона. Теперь я тоже воспользуюсь этим методом!

She applied lemon juice on her armpits. Now I'll use this method as well! 

Lemon is used not only in cookery, but it's also well-known in beauty and health sphere. This fruit is known for its disinfectant, restorative and brightening qualities that are good for your hair, skin and nails. 

We're sharing two methods of using the lemon for beauty and health. 
I should admit that I haven't known about them earlier. 

1. An ideal face tonic


Lemon juice have a good impact on face skin, gives it shine and elasticity. Apply lemon juice on your face skin using cotton wool tampon. Do this only before the bed. Use anti-sun creams the next day. 

2. Lips scrub 

Lips can peel due to different reasons. Among them are lack of vitamins, cold, natural skin dryness can make your lips condition worse. Lemon is a perfect way to prevent your lips from this. If you grease your lips with a drop of lemon juice, you'll soon notice that your lips are more moistened and don't peel anymore.