Losing 1 Kg a Day Diet

7  a. m. - green tea without sugar.
9 a. m. - boiled egg.
11 a. m. - 1 tbs of steamed raisins.
1 p. m. - 100 g of boiled meat (beef or chicken are desirable).
3 p. m. - a glass of tomato juice.
5 p. m.  an egg.
7 p. m. - an apple.
9 p. m. - 1 glass of milk (or kefir which is more preferable).


- Don't add salt to anything. 
- Don't chanfe products into something else and don't miss meals.
- Eat according to the certain hours. 
- Drink as much water, as possible. Drink also a glass of water between the meals. Tea and coffee can't be regarded as water. 
- The diet doesn't suit vegetarians.