Ways to deal with stress

14 extraordinary ways to cope with stress from a specialist. 

1. A comb 

During a working day in front of the monitor, mimic muscles of your face strain so much, that you have a headache. One of the ways to avoid stress is to comb your hair for 10-15 minutes. This procedure helps to speed up the blood and to relax the muscles.

2. Massage
To keep your energy, massage points under the nose, between the eyebrows, under the lower lip and in the centre of a palm for 30 seconds.

3. Hand rubbing

Hand rubbing is another way to get rid of a nervous pressure and avoid stress. You should rub your hands together till they are hot. It's also healthful to rub the ears. After this you will be brisk and concentrated on your work.

4. Wash conflicts and stresses off
A 15-minutes shower will help to cope with negative emotions. Stand under the warm streams of water so as they massage your hair and shoulders. Soon you'll feel how the water takes away all the negativity. 

5. Stairs
Do a 30-seconds running up and down - this exercise will increase a blood inflow to limbic parts of the brain, that are responsible for emotional stress control.

6. Cleaning
Putting things to their places helps to regulate your thoughts and to concentrate. Moreover, tidy condition of shelves, chests, cupboards gives a peculiar psychological effect - a person unconsciously projects outside order and organization on his own life.