3 Cups Of This Tea In A Day - And You Will Lose 8 cm In Your Waist!

3 чашки этого чая в день — и вы потеряете в талии 8 см!

Today we're going to tell you about one way of losing weight that caused a public excitement all over the Internet. We think that its popularity is connected with the fact that it works!

All that we need is tea, cinnamon and a bay leaf. All these three components burn fat and boost metabolism. 

How to make:

Take 1 litre of water, a cinnamon stick and 5 bay leaves. Firstly, boil the water, then add cinnamon and a bay leaf. Leave for 5 minutes to cool. Then make a tea from this water. 

A dosage

When it goes about metabolism, always remember that the best time for its fastening is early morning, right after the awakening. Drink a cup of such tea on an empty stomach. 

You can drink the second cup after the breakfast and the third one - in the evening, not long befor going to bed. Don't drink more. 

3 cups of tea in a day - and you will undoubtedly lose weight, the fat will go away from the most "important" zones. 

It's clear that any attempt to boost metabolism and lose weight should be accomplished by balanced nutrition and moderate physical activities.