She Applied Cabbage Leaves To Her Chest For The Whole Night... The Effect Was Tremendous!

Она приложила к груди капустные листья на всю ночь… Эффект оказался впечатляющим!
Being an irreplaceable ingredient of many dishes, cabbage is a valuable healing product. Our grandmothers knew about the healing properties of the cabbage leaves and used them effectively. 

We suggest you to remember our ancestors' experience and use all the healing potential of this product. 

Cabbage leaves

Before applying cabbage leaf as a remedy, pour it with hot water and then dry. If you tend to allergic reaction, it's better to keep yourself from such healing. 

- Injuries and bruises 
Apply a raw cabbage leaf to an injured area and fix with a bondage then rest for the whole night. Edema will lessen to the morning and pain will be removed. If you still have edema and injured area aches, it's better to call for a doctor to exclude the possibility of serious damages. 

- Insects bites 
Cabbage leaves help to cure while aching bites of bees, wasps and gadflies. They pull out fever and ache from the aching area. 

- Headache
Cabbage leaves will also help to get rid of headache. Apply them to the temples and cover your hear with a towel. This remedy helps even for migraine. 

- Chest pain 
Women often have painful swelling and bursting during lactation and breast-feeding. Traditional medicine can help a nursuing mum. To make a medicinal compress, use only large leaves, cleaning them, cutting the veins and trampling beforehand.