Breathing Exercises For Weight Loss

Дыхательные упражнения для похудения живота
If you want to get rid of fatty deposits in the abdominal region (quickly and effectively), it is recommended that you try breathing exercises. Through these exercises, your body will be saturated with oxygen -- engaging all of your organs, which will increase your metabolism. With your increased metabolism, and exercising, the slimming process will begin. According to experts, breathing exercises are one of the easiest (also pleasant and fast) ways to get rid of belly fat.

Breathing exercise for weight loss №1

Listen to nice, slow music; lie on the flood and try to completely relax. Now, bend your knees with your feet touching the floor. At the same time and take a very deep breath and pull your stomach inward. Let your belly inflate while exhaling. This exercise should be performed at least 10 times, while controlling your breathing.

Breathing exercise for weight loss №2

While you're still lying on your back, place your arms along your sides and quickly breathe in and out for 10 seconds. Next, suck-in your stomach and slowly lift your feet up (where your legs are perpendicular to the floor.) Pull your feet to your stomach, while keeping your buttocks against the floor. Hold this position for 10 seconds without breathing. After 10 seconds, lie down on the floor and relax. Perform each exercise at least 4 times.