How to Stop Drunk Eating



COMMON SCENARIO: You’re out at a bar with all of your friends, celebrating an occasion. You start off with a couple of pitchers of sangria or beer. As the night progresses, there are also the multiple offers of shots, that you both accept and take.


There’s not one instance where there isn’t a drink in your hand.

When it’s closing time for the bar, you take a cab ride back to your home.

Which is when the damage happens, you completely raid your kitchen cupboards and your fridge. You eat everything that looks appealing, which most commonly happens to be the junk food.

You wake up the next morning surrounded by empty chips bags, ice cream containers and cookie crumbs.


There is a lot of science behind this, but to phrase it simply: alcohol impairs us so we don’t have our usual ability of self-control, rationality, and judgement.

Alcohol enhances the taste of fat and salt, which is why we won’t usually crave vegetables after having a couple of drinks.


  • Drink water before, during and after drinking. It will help dilute the amount of alcohol in your blood and ease the familiar hangover feeling the next day. Which means= less chances of binging
  • Eat before you party. Make sure that your meal has a good amount of PROTEIN and FAT. (ex: fish, chicken, nuts…)
  • Choose one snack and eat only one serving of it after your night out. This will prevent you from mindlessly finishing an entire bag!
  • Before reaching for more food, think about how you will feel when you wake up the next morning. Is it REALLY worth it?
  • Ask your friends to help you with your judgement of your meals. It’s easier to battle drunk eating together than alone!
  • Designate a selection of healthy snacks to choose from when you get home. For example: oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, nuts, granola bars, yogurt..
  • Don’t drink a ridiculous amount of alcohol. When you have absolutely no judgement or control of your actions, you’re hitting a danger zone.
  • Make a habit of going to bed when you get home instead of to the kitchen. Removing yourself from the situation before it happens is the key to success.

Just remember to be safe, and to respect the limits of your body.

Don’t make yourself sick off of alcohol or food.

If you consume to much of either, it can turn your night into a quick downer.

Hopefully with these solutions, you will be able to prevent/remove the habit of drunk eating. Try referring back to this page before you go out for a night of drinking, so that you won’t indulge as much in the moment!