5 Factors That Make Women Unattractive For Men

Sociologists regularly make public opinion polls on the topic of relationships between men and women. According to the latest poll on the topic "What things can repell men from women?" in which several tens of men, sociologists pointed out 8 main factors that make women unattractive for men. What are these factors? 

1. Unpleasant smell

It comes about any smells. It can be either body and clothes smell or fetor oris. If you spray your perfume too generously, men won't appreciate it. 

2. General negligence

Neglect appearance is of great importance and isn't good for girls: basic manicure, make-up, hairstyle and shoes - everything should be in order. 

3. Excessive hairiness 

Unexpected, but quite reasonable factor that doesn't attract modern men. Probably, 100-200 years ago things were different, but new ideas and mode are evident. 

4. Overweight

Different men like different women, both buxom and slim. But evidently overweight women don't attract the opposite sex. 

5. An ability to behave 

The ability to conduct yourself is very significant for the majority of men. A gait, bearing, a manner to conduct and to introduce yourself, gestures, the first spoken phrases, loudness, voice timbre... All this is noticed by the representatives of the strong half of the manking.